Aren’t All Crimes Serious?

The simple answer is yes, of course, all crimes are serious. No matter the brevity of the act, crimes are serious to some degree and should be treated as such. So what do people mean when they refer to serious crimes as a category rather than simply a description?

What is Serious Crime?


“Serious crimes” usually refer to felony crimes that are dangerous to the health and safety of the public. There is legislation to define different serious crimes and the penalties involved with them. Serious crimes go beyond just crimes, they are offences that are treated with a higher level of severity and punishment.

Types of Serious Crime

Types of serious crime include:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault and Grievous bodily harm
  • Rape and other sexual offence
  • Drug charge
  • Firearm offence
  • Terrorism and extradition
  • Theft, burglary and robbery
  • Financial crime, including money laundering

Naturally, the penalties involved with serious offences are higher and criminals can expect to receive long prison sentences for committing them. Cases involving serious crime are lengthy and complex, with many factors needing to be taken into consideration when accusing, assessing evidence and charging.

How to Deal with Serious Crime Allegations

If you are facing a serious criminal allegation, you need access to the very best legal representation. Being accused of a serious crime can be extremely distressing for both the accused alongside their family, friends and colleagues. Not only can these types of allegations significantly impact your reputation and livelihood, but your freedom may also be at stake for a very long amount of time.

The critical time to gain a serious crime lawyer is at the point of arrest, where you will be requested to attend a police station for questioning. Having no legal representation at this point can be the making or breaking of your case.

Serious crime solicitors help you to get through police interviews, advising you on how to answer and interact with the police and informing you of what your legal rights are. From here, criminal lawyers help with proper presentation of bail application, the close and accurate assessment of evidence and fierce defence in your case, acting quickly and effectively at all stages.

Newton Law Practice Criminal Lawyers


Newton Law criminal solicitors deal with cases across Birmingham, London and Manchester and will provide you with unparalleled advice and will support you at every stage, from arrest, through to investigation and trial.

Our team of criminal defence lawyers have a vast wealth of experience in every area of criminal law, from smaller allegations to the most serious of cases. Our solicitors are approachable, easy to work with and absolute experts at what they do. You can be assured without doubt that whatever serious crime you have been accused of, you are in the best hands with Newton Law Practice.

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