What Does a Criminal Solicitor Do?

Criminal solicitors are professionals who provide assistance to persons accused of criminal offences. They are responsible for offering advice to clients around their case, what will be involved, the prosecuting authority and the options available to suspects that have been suspected of or charged for committing a crime.

Criminal solicitors offer a wide range of services alongside advice, including police station representation, defence in court, research and investigation, drafting and reviewing legal documents and achieving just outcomes for individual cases.

Expert Legal Advice

Criminal solicitors first and foremost are able to offer expert legal advice to suspects that need help in dealing with a case against them. A solicitor can help someone who is suspected or charged with a crime through every stage of the process. They ensure that legal rights are maintained and that clients are given a fair trial by presenting their case in court.

Being charged with a crime can be a very distressing process which is why seeking the advice and help of a professional is always the best course of action. They can provide you with the peace of mind that would otherwise be lacking and ensure that every stage of the process is dealt with appropriately and correctly.

Police Station Attendance


Police station attendance and representation is something that criminal solicitors nearly always do in a case, if it has been requested.

It is imperative to seek legal advice when you go to a police station if you want to have the best chances throughout your case. Having someone with you who can fight your case from the outset can be the difference between being charged or not charged.

Criminal solicitors will support you in knowing how to answer questions, defend yourself and act in an appropriate manner throughout. You will be grilled and picked up on any mistakes which is why having a solicitor with you is so important.

Defence in Court

Criminal solicitors are trained to offer the best possible defence in court with the aim of achieving just and fair outcomes. Criminal law firms such as Newton Law Practice have access to specialised barristers throughout England and Wales that will instruct the most fitting barrister to represent you best suited to your conviction.

The best criminal solicitors will have in-depth experience defending clients charged with serious criminal allegations, and will ensure effective representation throughout all stages of proceedings.

Covering a Range of Criminal Offences


Solicitors working in crime cover a wide range of areas including:

  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Drug charges
  • Firearm offences
  • Theft, burglary and robbery
  • Financial crime including money laundering
  • Encrochat and cyber crime

Whatever crime you have been accused of, no matter how serious or distressing, criminal solicitors are here to help your case go as smoothly as possible. It is always advisable to seek the advice and guidance of a criminal solicitor, without them your chances of a successful outcome are much reduced.

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