Financial Crime Solicitors

Our solicitors have a proven track record of successfully acting in cases involving serious fraud and financial crime.

If you or your business is suspected of financial crime such as money laundering or fraud, you will need specialist legal advice from the onset to know how to deal with the authorities and challenge any demands they make.

Money Laundering Lawyers

Money Laundering is the criminal process of changing the source of illegal property to make it appear legitimate.

It normally involves the introduction of illegally gained property into the financial system under the guise of a legitimate company’s assets. These assets, which can include many different forms of property including money, land, buildings, technology and intellectual property, may then be used as part of a legitimate business operation.

Newton Law money laundering solicitors have the expertise to assist in Money Laundering allegations and act for clients who are subjected to police station attendance, court appearances and criminal proceedings.

Fraud Solicitors

Our fraud solicitors have extensive experience of serious fraud cases and can provide a comprehensive, high-quality service for our clients from start to finish.

Careful tactical decisions can turn a criminal fraud prosecution and with our deep understanding of the prosecution’s motives, we can carry out meticulous analysis of disclosure documents to identify flaws in their case and turn those to our client’s advantage.

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