Crown Court Representation

Newton Law solicitors can help defend you with expert representation and advice, giving you the highest chance of a favourable outcome.

We understand the thought of attending a crown court can be a completely daunting experience, however our dedicated team of experienced crown court solicitors will be on hand to assist you every step of the way giving you the confidence you need. 

Crown Court Representation Solicitors

Newton Law Solicitors have access to specialised barristers throughout England and Wales and will instruct the best barrister to represent you suited best to your conviction. We have built up very good relationships with both Queen’s Counsel and Senior Counsel and can assure our clients they will receive the best advice and advocacy available when facing the ground court.

Crown Court Representation Birmingham, Manchester & London

If you’re situated in Birmingham, Manchester or London and are on the lookout for a trustworthy crown court representative then you have come to the right solicitors.

If you are facing the The Crown Court then this usually means you are dealing with serious offences such as robbery, murder, rape, and very serious assaults. These type of convictions are known as indictable only convictions and are only dealt with in the Crown Court, however they can often start in the magistrates’ court. When facing crown court, some offences like theft, fraud, less serious assaults, and the possession or supply of drugs are known as “either way” and may be dealt with in either the Crown Court or the Magistrates’ Court, depending on the level of seriousness. In some of these serious crime cases, you can choose where you wish to be tried and we will advise you about this.

At Newton Law our criminal solicitors have considerable experience defending clients charged with serious criminal allegations, and will ensure effective representation throughout all stages of proceedings.

How Our Criminal Solicitors Can Help Facing Crown Court

If you are charged and your case progresses to the Crown Court, our high end solicitors at Newton Law will scrutinise the prosecution evidence to help your case. If you’re detained in prison or currently on bail, our criminal solicitors will attend to you in order to discuss your case, the evidence and take your instructions.

If you are facing a criminal allegation and you need access to the very best legal representation Newton Law criminal solicitors will provide you with unmatched advice and will support you at every stage, from arrest, through to investigation and trial. Our criminal lawyers will fiercely defend your case, acting quickly and effectively at all stages.

Defending a Range of Serious Criminal In Crown Court

We work in all areas of serious crime and provide advice and representation as:

  • Murder solicitors
  • Manslaughter lawyers
  • Assault and Grievous bodily harm lawyers
  • Rape and other sexual offence solicitors
  • Drug charge lawyers
  • Firearm offence lawyers
  • Terrorism and extradition lawyers
  • Theft, burglary and robbery lawyers
  • Financial crime, including money laundering solicitors

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