Why Should You Use a Criminal Lawyer?

There may be many scenarios when you need support for criminal offence accusations, but how
do you know whether you should use a criminal lawyer?

Whether or not you decide to plead guilty to criminal charges, getting legal advice and a legal
representation of an experienced criminal lawyer can change the outcome of your case.

Save Stress with A Criminal Lawyer

The law is complex, especially when it changes frequently when certain issues arise.

Years of experience come with being a criminal lawyer, there are so many factors to consider
and learn when going down the criminal law career path, which is why having an expert
criminal lawyer behind your back is crucial when you are facing a court case.

Many people worry about how costly a criminal lawyer may be, however, not engaging a
criminal lawyer is likely to end up with you costing more. In most cases, you need to protect
your own back best as possible!


Being unrepresented in court exposes you to the following risks:

  • being incorrectly charged
  • being found guilty when you are innocent
  • being sent to prison when you’re innocent
  • your DNA being embedded on the police database
  • being disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence when you can’t manage your life without it
  • being disadvantaged in a job application process because you are required to disclose your criminal record
  • termination of your employment because your employer has found out you have a criminal record.

One of our experienced criminal lawyers can assist you to avoid these types of outcomes. When the
stakes are high the costs involved are always definitely worth every penny. Making a phone call to a criminal
lawyer and arranging an appointment is obligation free.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Actually Do for You?

So, you know what we can help you with regarding your case, but what are the steps involved in hiring a criminal
lawyer? See below:

Support at Police Interviews

A critical time to get a criminal lawyer is often in the time when you are arrested and requested to
participate in a police interview.

This is when you are unsure what to say or how to interact with the police, a solicitor can help. At the end of
the day, you need to know what your rights are, and what to do. This is a very important time to consider getting
a criminal law expert to support you.

Proper Presentation for Your Bail Application

No one wants to be remanded in custody while you wait for your trial or for your criminal charges to be finalised.

If you are refused bail you cannot have the application reheard before the same court. So it’s important to
get it right the first time by using a criminal lawyer, they will help prepare and present your bail application
properly and will focus on the issues that are required to be addressed when arguing for your case in court.

Supportive & Accurate Evidence Presentation

When investing in an expert criminal lawyer, they will have a strategic plan for the cross-examination
of a witness which can ultimately change the outcome of the case.

In a court case, the rules of evidence can be complex, for example, during the course of a trial, unrepresented
persons often ask questions that do not comply with the rules of evidence which can put panic and stress
onto your case, a good criminal lawyer will know what questions to ask and how the question should be framed
to support your case.

The Bottom Line – We’re Here to Help You Avoid Imprisonment

If you have been caught up in a criminal case then Newton Law practice can help you, Our expert criminal lawyers
will understand the sentencing law that applies to your case and will present a plea in court which will work to your
advantage. Get in touch with the criminal lawyer experts today.


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